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Last nights adventure in clubing

This is all the people I got to see last night


We had fun last night and I got to dance dance dance. Sorry jenthamuppet

We will go out again and you will come with us.

mean while I got to do cosmicmonster's makeup and I had fun with that, then got to see deathtoall,gemdragon76 and charlie_bear dance for the first time for myself. That was pretty cool good dancers too! Dead sexiah women and drew ;)

For the 30 mins hun gout on the porch and snow_lynx was taken hostage by a guy named Micheal but as always firestarter333 saved her from the guy's evil gothy clutches of sucky conversation. But then he graced his all so annoying pressence to me and charlie_bear. But charlie_bear made it very clear he was intruding and he dismissed himself. But then for some reason we were cursed by another Micheal showing up this was just as creep and drunk and again charlie_bear promtly dismissed the loser.

Needless say we were cursed by Micheals of the the non arcnagel type.. ::snickers::

After that I went home, but before that I took deathtoall to her car at Grapevine and had a nice conversation.

and that is how we say zeee end.

What Shirow Girl Are You?

Geee.. Why am I not surprised? LOL I like Shriow's art and I love the stories.. I WANT MORE MORE MORE


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Nov. 8th, 2003 04:32 am (UTC)
Just wanna say thank you for invite and the and the mah-velously good time I had. ^_^ Yah, I fell asleep towards the end - incredible, no? I thought the bass was going to vibrate my collarbone into millions of microscopic pieces, but in a way it was soothing - but I really enjoyed watching everybody dance, from you and Drew to the five folks who were doing the Electric Slide/Macarena combo right in front of us. =D Gotta learn how to do the Electric Slide by Itza so I can wow them on the dance floor.

Yeah, right. *wry grin*

I'm still a bit of a wuss for only dancing 1 1/2 songs, but I only had one drink in me. Mebbe it takes two or more....*hic*

And to blabber on a bit more, I must also state that I liked a good majority of the music and the light show goin' on at the club...made the place seem ethereal and otherworldly. I was daydreaming a-plenty before the place filled up. And though I was too chicken to go out and dance at first, I also like the good vibes coming from the dance floor. Everybody was doing their own thing, but it was exotic and exciting - just peoples letting the music take them where they will. It's inspired me - for the nonce - to start dancing more at home. ^_^

(I'm done, I'm done, really!)
Nov. 8th, 2003 12:44 pm (UTC)
Didn't You Hear?
Apparently the International Brotherhood of Bastards Named Michael was in town! ;~D

~~Kt3 the Glad You Had Fun~~
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