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I know I haven't really posted here in a long time.
Just a lot has changed in my life and for the better.  Hopefully I can keep posting personal updates here. 

What is a friend?

Friend : noun : A person who one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relation.


What is a true friend?


Perhaps the ones you
would have never suspected to be there when you need it most.


Unsure of who to really trust, but I do know who I will never go to again.




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As some of you know I am doing my very best to start my own LLC. However one of the blockades in the roads is money to pay for the legal paper work for the trademark, State Tax filing which is coming up to about 540$. The focus of the company is to make clever/cynical cards and go from there. I am hoping to have something out by the end of the year if I can raise the money to start this up. If anyone of you have a spare buck or two you would like to donate to this worthy cause. You can send funds through my PayPal account under Stephanie@stephaniewirt.com

Zombie babies

Now that is what I am talking about!! I so love Halloween.

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Yes, i am home.

I am home as of yesterday. I feel some what comforted and a little frazzled.

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ahh joy

Today I start back to school. Needless to say my classes are at night, well all but one of them. Fun times ahead.

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So is anyone making bets on what gender this kid is?

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baby is okay avg heart rate 161. Due date is pushed up to 2/28, baby was moving around alot. est 12w3days.

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@ the doctors

Waiting on Sono to see if the baby is okay. will update more later.

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another doctors appointment

tomorrow I go in again because my spotting is getting worse and i dull aches lower down. I worried by this and wish for the best tomorrow. I feel guilt for the stress I am putting the baby in right now. I have got to do better.

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