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Writer? Me?? :: snickers::

What's YOUR Writing Style?

brought to you by Quizilla

Okay you know.. I would agree but like DBS stated.. It would nice if there was more than three questions on this damn survey..
I am more of a Balanced writer.. More Adventure, more Developments of Charries and Romanace.. OOO and got to have plot twist and mystery!! CANT FORGET THAT!!!

:; looks around :: Yeah okay .. I am not a real writer but I am a good Role playing fend ;)

my self-esteem is IN THE MIDDLE.

how do you measure up? find out, courtesy of emily.

If I had taken this in High school it woul dhave been low low low.. But since I Am growing up and know I am not always first to get the blue plate special it's not a bigg deal I can really move on .. Besides.. Screw those models out there.. They are AIR BRUSHED HA!