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Quiz and A dream I had

I am Ifrit! I'm a mainstay in everyone's party, even if I do have a breath problem. Ever steadfast, I reduce all but the toughest (or flame-retardant) foes to a pile of ash in moments. What Final Fantasy summon are you?
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This test created by jozabad Cp's Coo Coo Planet

So I choose to lay down again cause I was feeling a little bashed with information last night. You see I have to help my RPG clan with a trial over treason and I am running the Court process with my Charie. Which is a challenge cause most people want to see this person dead and there is facts that have to straighten out and what not. Well I passed out yet again. I really need to stop doing that crap but any way the dream. I was dreaming that I was in this small town in the southwest region and there was group of people I was helping out with some research on Vampires. Well let’s just say found some nifty artifacts along the way like a ring called the blood star which was cool looking it was this cluster of rubies on a silver setting. It was very nice indeed. Some how who ever wore the ring would be chosen to take on the duties as a vampire. Well one of the guys put it on then took it off. That night he went missing and we had to find him. It was really crazy cause we went to this housing village. I guess a resort and walked in and it was totally trashed out. There was clutter everywhere and it seemed to have been that way for many years. And for some damn reason there was all these dead Christmas trees there as well. Well it was getting to remind a lot of Texas Chainsaw feel of the place and these two women that looked very trashy came up and grabbed me and another person. One of the women said we had to feel pain for him. I was confused then I realized the guy was here to. And I said before I would experience any pain I want to see him. Well I saw him and he was sitting down on the floor looking like shyt and I knew he was going through the transformation. I knelt down to touch him and looked at me. Right in my eyes and snapped out saying “ Don’t get close to me I don’t want to hurt you. “ I was shocked by this comment and pulled away cause he snapped out loudly. Well the woman that was holding me grabbed a long kitchen knife and was trying to stab me with it. I grabbed her hand and tried to hold her back and with my free hand I managed to pick up a smaller knife [Yeah the laws of a dream funny the villains get the better stuff.] Well the wench stabbed me in the hand and I saw my blood dripping down, but this gave me a chance to fight back and before I knew it I had stabbed her right in the chest with the knife, in between the breast and jerked down to her stomach. I don’t know why I did that but she feel over laughing insanely the guy that was infected rushed to her and started to drain her. I rushed out of there in time. To run right smack in to my Grandmother that has been dead for five years now. She touched me and smiled and I blinked a few times and told her what was going on. She patted me on the head and walked in. The next thing I know is the ring is in my hand the guy is laying there dead and no grandmother.

Odd very odd dream..