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Today of honesty

Welp I had a nice day.. I got to spend time with gothboy, redwing and Krys..
We went to see Harry Potter and I loved it. But then again it had a phoenix in the movie so it gets my approval. And after words got to go to Denny’s and hang for a bit. Hehehehe But I did some evil with krys and walked around Central Market drooling over foods and helping her spend money on food that was not needed, but hell is worth it!

Well right now I am over at goth boy’s and found out from Corwin on Aim while waiting for Greg to finish house work that he has been reading my LJ. Well I knew then why he had been kinda of upset and that I was part of the reason but I find it rather a release and finally I feel good about things. LOL Here is the conversation

Krimson Huntress: hey there
Corwin: Hey Steph
Krimson Huntress: so what are you up to right now?
Corwin: other than brooding. playing a game of "guess this song" with a friend
Krimson Huntress: Oh fun.. can I ask why you are brooding.. Or do you even want to talk about it
Corwin: what is up with you and greg tonight? or did you just get a lil time off?
Krimson Huntress: Oh Greg is setting up his speakers in his room of his house and I dont want to be in the way of that.. So I am the computer
Corwin: coolness. speakers. surround sound
Krimson Huntress: Yeah he has it in the living room and now working on his bed room
Krimson Huntress: guys and thier toys
Krimson Huntress: :shrugs: but I cant sy much .. I want a garden with stone speakers
Corwin: heeeeee
Corwin: see, everyone has their own toys
Krimson: I like your icon
Corwin: which one?
Corwin: oh, the puppy?
Krimson: Yeah well mine are just collecting anime
Krimson: Yuppers it's cute
Corwin: ::wiggles eye brows snickering:: I like your icon to!
Krimson: :: laughs:: yeah me and my flaming hearts
Corwin: ::whistles:: oh, those icons.. sowwies
Krimson ::blinks:: ooo the scoobie doo char?
Corwin: ::mischievous grin and he turns red:: nope
Krimson Huntress: My dildo icon?
Corwin: ::laughing:: no silly goose
Krimson Huntress: which one??
Corwin: ::changes the subject real quick like:: ever hear that song called "I want a hippopotomus for christmas"?
Krimson Huntress: OH hell yeah!! who hasnt??
Krimson Huntress: And which Icon?
Corwin: well, it was the first time I've ever heard it. I was playing this song game with my friend. I did a christmas song. then she did hippo song. I never heard it
Krimson Huntress: lol Isnt it funny??
Corwin: yeah, it is cute
Krimson Huntress: my Live journal Icon?
Corwin: btw, I was gonna ask how you got that live journal. I want one
Krimson Huntress: You have to get a code.. which I can give you one now i you like
Krimson Huntress: It's free just have to be invited
Krimson Huntress: Or you pay for it
Corwin: YaY.. I love reading your journal
Krimson Huntress: ::blinks:: Uh oh..
Krimson Huntress: So .... you read my post?
Corwin: posts. you have lots
Corwin: although I may be a few days behind
Corwin: ::wonders if she actually wanted him to read it. because he does:: oopsie?
Krimson Huntress: No it's cool I dont mind people reading what I post,..
Krimson Huntress: Cause it gives some insight to what I am thinking or feeling
Krimson Huntress: It's the only way I can keep up with everyone
Corwin: yeah. but you still didn't get a good enough explaination on the soulmate thing
Krimson Huntress: :: rubs her face:: How can you discribe it.. when .. well when there are no real words for it ..
Corwin: there are words for it.
Krimson Huntress: Such as?
Corwin: you just have to experience it to know the words.
Krimson Huntress: i remember once.. that when eye meets eye soul meets soul
Krimson Huntress: How much of my journal have you read?
Corwin: most of it. I haven't looked at it the past few days. how come?
Krimson Huntress: So that is why you are brooding
Corwin: I'd rather not talk about my brooding. its depressing. and I don't like being like that around you.
Krimson Huntress: I understand.. I wil not mention any more of it..
Krimson Huntress: sorry
Corwin: it is alright. just today, I'm not in the mood to upset you. you are gonna have lots of fun tonight
Krimson Huntress: So I guess you know more about me then you thought
Corwin: there is nothing about you that is surprising like that. I've been surprised to many times to be surprised anymore. if you know what I mean
Corwin: hey, what happened to my code? ::pokes her tummy::
Corwin: trying to get out of it?
Corwin: ::Tickles her side::
Krimson Huntress: lol no hold on
Krimson Huntress: hehehehe I just wonder how much you will post on it
Corwin: ::sings one of his favorite songs by pennywise:: "everysingle day"
Krimson Huntress: Code: nnv4aaaatn86
Corwin: you can walk me thru it when you are less.. ::clears his throat:: pre-occupied!
Krimson Huntress: ; laughs:;
Krimson Huntress: :; looks around:: sheeeses.. one person to reach thoughts from COOL
Corwin: just one?
Krimson Huntress: Oh I have more than just one my friend list I have abour 48
Krimson Huntress: Busy setting your account up?
Corwin: nope, haven't started yet. I'm just thinking about somethin
Krimson Huntress: Aboutt??
Corwin: I shouldn't have told you that I read your journal.
Krimson Huntress: Why is that?
Corwin: cause
Krimson Huntress: cause you think I am going to watch my words on Lj?
Corwin: yup.
Krimson Huntress: :: laughs:; bloody unlikely
Krimson Huntress: I have spoke my mind and it's my journal and you read at your own risk
Krimson Huntress: I tell everyone that
Corwin: hmm.
Krimson Huntress: Hmm?
Corwin: ::steals her and hides her in his pocket::
Krimson Huntress: ::blinks:: HEY HEY !! I dont want to know what type of package you have down there!!!
Corwin: ::blinks:: Hey! you should only be worried about the lent in there! ::Tickles her side::
Krimson Huntress: : laughs:: So are you going to be okay ?
Corwin: I am always ok
Krimson Huntress: Okays .. :: pokes him::
Corwin: ::flexes cause she poked::
Krimson Huntress: ::smirks:; show off
Corwin: you got a nice tummy to. I've seen it
Krimson Huntress: ::blinks: Oh my

Also Goth boy wanted to know my obsession with phoenix. Well I explained to him in short story form why I love the phoenix so much and the story of the first time she visited me in my dream and I embraced her. He understood then why I love the noble creature so much.

And then I got to talk to him more in depth over many things. It’s rather strange I don’t feel stupid around him or limited more like I am being educated and once in a while I think I give him a good lesson or two about things.

Kinda cool isn’t it?