Twilight Fenix (twilightfenix) wrote,
Twilight Fenix

:: mutters :: I will not allow food to rule my GD LIFE

So most of you know I have been really struggling with getting more food. But it's hard keeping up with things when bills come in and I dont have the funds to pay bills and get food.

Well It's cuasing me exhausting when I havent had enough food and eating alot hurts and then I Am passed out again.

Mom felt bad and bought me food =/ What are mom's for?

But then there is Goth boy that Well .. past few nights I have been over I have been sleeping alot and not having Wild Bunny sex .. :shrugs: I felt bad and explain. NOW he is more concerned and gave the speech to let him know and that I need to stop trying to save face.

But it's not me trying to save face.. It more like I am so busy and just distracted enough were I just dont really talk about it all that much.

Besides I am not going to him or mom when they are both getting ready to pay large bills.. ARGHH!!

Needless to say I need to do something soon.. I just hope I get the 12 hour shift days in JAN so I can save up and have a back up plan for things.

Hopefully I can also get some OT in DEC so I can really afford to buy myself ome new gloves..

:shrugs: I am FREAK!!! WOOHOOO
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