Twilight Fenix (twilightfenix) wrote,
Twilight Fenix

Weekend of Laziness


Hung out with White Tiger over at Goth boy’s place, passed out and Goth boy took White Tiger home. I really need to get those B Vitamins. But we had some fun. Talk to White Tiger about some concerns I had cause I was confused at a certain situation and wanted it cleared up cause I was getting to conflicting stories. Well found out what was going on and gave some advice on it. Most likely in trouble with another person over it, but at this point it’s worth it to get things out in the open.


Got up early in the morning and went over to my mom’s to get left over Dead Turkey day stuff. Also found that mom mad me breakfast. Then got back to Goth boy’s place and had breakfast waiting for me there. We so let’s just say I was fed very week this weekend. ::smirks:: Also finally fixed my mom’s Spanish Hot Chocolate.
Then after stuffing myself I laid next Goth boy for most of the day and had a lazy day of it then later on I fixed some Cajun food. It was pretty much a lazy day.. Never got to go to the Con like I was hoping too but life goes on.


Went back over to Irving apartment and met with Redwing. We both went out to ITZACON. Had some fun with her. She seemed to enjoy her self even when we placed VtM card game and I kind of won. :: snickers::
:whispers: Go Brujah
Any ways went back to my place and had some store bought sushi and watched Beserk and Druid. IT was really cool then I drove back over to Goth boy’s house and stayed with him.

Side note: I honestly believe this whole thing with him not sleeping today and other things is going to bug me until I can really find away to express it. Cause I am just weirded out
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