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Okay I dont know why, But I am getting this over whelming feeling of sadness and betrayal.. I dont know why, but it's bugging me alot. Is everyone okay?

:: rubs her head ::


Dec. 3rd, 2002 11:20 pm (UTC)
...it's me. The first step of my nefarious Grand Master Plan has taken place. I have exiled Kingwamba, Redwing and Yinshu to the Nether Realms, have brought Heronmarkblade, Katjabee and Trotfox under my sway so they can never realise their royal heritage and have devoured the souls of BB73, Cailet and KookyKrys! Nothing can stop me now! *SILLY evil grin*

*hugs and giggles*

Seriously, nothing amiss here. No pings to speak of. But then I tend to walk a different road than most of the Family where such things are concerned. Damn Seeric nature o' mine, I guess.

Love ya and hope things have improved since you wrote this!

~~KT the Wise and Foolish, Not Necessarily In That Order~~