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A twisted Weekend..

Well my weekend was all twisted and messed up for the most part On Saturday I was trying out my new bit with the customer papers. And I really tried hard to use the, but there was fellow performers walking on me again. It's getting old really fast for me. However Krys helped me out on it and I got a few more, Thank goodness for friends.

Then next thing that went bad was dance, I know I am not apart of dance officially. But I thought I would not have enough time for dance this year. Turns out, I do have time and I love dance, and the only way I get to dance is Poachers moon, Well Everyone started to come up and talk to me when I am trying pouch and I almost cried when I only got a turn in the dance. Yeah-sure people might that is childish. However this is my most opportune time to play with other actors.

Okay on Sunday, It was raining and I went to go pick up Krys. She wasn't ready and so we were a few min behind. But not by much, so I am driving down the North Tollway and the timing belt on my car breaks. And Then I walk over a mile to the getto area of little Mexico, Cars honk and people are saying all sorts of things at me. Oye.. I hate feeling like a side of beef.

Well Get the car towed away to a Station get it fixed two hours and 400$ later I am poor tired and just broken, But I take Krys and myself out to faire. People asked if we were okay. I guess I should be thankful I wasn't in a car accident or anyone was hurt. I called Greg swallowing my pride to ask for money and he didn't have any to loan out to me. And Neither did mom and I had to tell her I am very sorry but I can not get her mother's day gift cause of my car. I felt my heart breaking right then and there.

I mean yeah money isn't as important and one's life, but it really Fucking sucks when you are trying very to keep up and you are there, but then something else happens. I am just killing myself slowly each day stressing out. I am at a point where I am about to give up my vacation time as well and use the money.

I cried on the phone last night in frustration cause I hate being in this situation like this and I don't want to rely on anyone but myself. And at this point I will have to and live off my popcorn and other stuff in the house I have.

Phoenix diet program … Oye..

But one thing on Sunday was nice, I got alot of hugs and got to dance a few dances at court. I dont know if someone asked them to do that or what. But it was really nice to be able to dance.


May. 6th, 2002 08:54 am (UTC)
Re: =o,o=
Thanks hun you are a sweety.