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Thoughts of Phoenix in the morning

1) Waking up early so I can get things done do dishes and get ready for work.
2) Clothes.... Need to pack up more to take over at Goth boy's get rid of the rest.
3) Bed needs to be fixed up. Will do that today.
4) Brush teeth..deal with acid like mouth wash ::GAG::
5) Clothes on run down stairs. Shit, Dishes are done. =/ Not pleases I woke up early to find this.
6) Check email.. Junk.. Junk...Junk.. Oh hey E bay! Cool .. Junk.. Junk..
7) Hop in car drive. What the hell is this truck waving at and honking...0.o He is hitting on me?? WTF? You dont hit on women early in the morning when they are a mission to go to work.
8) Need to write memo to Krys not to do dishes for me when it's been less than 24 hours.
9) Look around work place. Feels like I am trapped in Resident Evil movie the way this place looks.
10) mental note find all exits in thie place so I know when to run like hell from the zombies.


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Jan. 22nd, 2003 08:57 am (UTC)
sorry babe... just feeling productive last night. :)
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