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GAH dreams

Okay, Yet again I have had some messed up dreams and key points that bugged me in the dream.

- People were treating me like I was a child. EXCUSE ME!!! I am not a child and even when I was my family treated me like an equal.
- People assumed I am not skilled at cooking in the dream. I was totally pissed off about that, because I have been cooking since I was 7 years old. Granted I don’t cook all the time cause I don’t have time or others just jump on it and I just sit back and just nodded and grin.
- In the dream they said I couldn’t sing. FUCK that, just because I hate well fear singing in public doesn’t make me a suck ass singer.
- Can’t dance. Don’t even go there on that one.
- Can’t draw, any one can draw, so that was just stupid.

So what I do in my dream cause of all the nimrods attempting to be better than me? Well one of them asked me in the dream “What can you do to prove your are alright? “. What the hell? I just acted snobbish about this and stated with a very insulting tone. “I do not need to prove anything to people that is so insecure about their own skills, they have to bash someone.”

And Damn it I CANT REMEMBER THE rest of it.. That is just pissy