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Hmmm ..

Well after sleeping about 14 hours on Tuesday straight and the next day getting slightly cabin fever and doing some chores. I still think I am sickth. Fun shyt.. I wonder why I get sick when it get's icey out side. 0.o;

It's my fate I suppose or just can't handle it.

In other news. I am doing fine, Goth boy is doing fine, I feel rather restless and bored. I have a few ideas I just have to get more art supplies together.

: rubs her head :: and why is it when I mention the idea I want to go up to new York for a week of so. OR any where, someone wants to say no I want to go to blah blah place.

Well you know what? You dont have to come with me.. Gah.. Just cause I ask doesnt mean I am going to change my plans for yah..



Feb. 27th, 2003 07:37 am (UTC)

I am SO in your coming-to-New-York-validation-cheerleading-squad!!! Screw em! Come to New York!!!