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Warning… this is not pretty..

Right now, I guess I feel somewhat belittled.
Frustrated and restless is in there as well.
Most of my dreams lately have been agonizing for me to even think about.
I found out a few days ago someone I thought I was regaining faith int., totally messed up and found a piece of information that just pisses me off more. Sure most of you guys will say let it go. Not this time, not ever I am having more trouble just forgiving people. I try very hard to justify that it’s just me and then after time over time again screwed over. I have found myself questioning people more and more. I have gone out of my way to do what I can to prove my loyalty by just being me. And a lot have done the rest. But somehow deep down I find my self questioning people more and more. I Am sick of having this feeling that some is talking behind my back and not having the balls to talk to me. I really sick of feeling as though you can’t trust me enough to tell me the fucking truth. I hate that feeling and I know I am not wrong on this, cause every time I get this feeling I am right.

If they claim to be a friend then they are strong enough to face me if they have an issue. Not spineless enough to tell other parties or even hide it with lies. IF you don’t think I will like you for who you are or what you are, then you are truly not a friend of mine.

If you think it’s directed at you, maybe you should question your self. But THIS IS A GUT FEELING and I AM not Pointing at certain people. STATING what I am feeling.