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You're Loki! The trickster god of the Norse you
aren't actually a god at all, but a giant. You
bring about Ragnarok through your increasingly
violent tricks and have a special affinity with

Which Norse God are You?
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:: Raises her hand :: Why? Can I just why in hell Did I get this? I do not want to kill Hiem.. YEash.. Or is Hiem Killing Loki.. DUDE!!!


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Mar. 24th, 2003 12:50 pm (UTC)
I'm obsessed with Loki (evidenced by my use of his name, as well as his other name for his springtime persona, Sataere)...

The concept that Loki was a bad guy, a demon, or just flat out evil is all crap. Just an error in translation. Look at the original Eddas and it's pretty clear. He wasn't evil, just bored and impulsive.

I mean, they say in that answer that Loki is a flat-out giant... feh... he's a half-giant, and Thor's half-brother...

Mar. 24th, 2003 02:43 pm (UTC)
hee hee hee Loki! KangiTanka will have to share the "trickster" title with you!
Mar. 25th, 2003 04:43 pm (UTC)
...Loki's personality changed a great deal throughout the course of Norse mythology.

I could definitely see a little bit of him in you -- you're fiery, mischievous and fun. :~)

Equal parts Loki and Thor is the Stephers, I'd say. *grin*

~~Kt3 the Deliciously Obtuse~~
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