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The main North American land was broken up in islands it was way in the future at least three thousand years. And each island had its own tribe. There was one island in particular that was dubbed the name guardian island where a sacred tribe of people whom devoted their lives in protecting other tribes, victims of onslaughts of in just killings and slavery. Their main gifts where the totems they were bonded to once they awoken from their state of mortal sleep. Each person who awoke had a marking like a tattoo of their totem on their body. Each one possessing the powers and knowledge of that totem to protect the fates felt needed aid.

I remember in the dream that I was with them as an apprentice not awaken yet but helping them as a spy on missions. And one mission there was an island that was raiding other islands of people and using those people for a source of water. The reason was because the water around them was contaminated and they were extracting the water out of the bodies for their own use. I was already in one of the villages tracking them down while the others were getting ready. I remember meeting with one of them that was a friend of mine and talking to him about the information. And stating that this looks worse than we had anticipated, he nodded and patted my head and said not to worry. See everyone treated me like the child of the group even though I was in my twenties, just because I looked so young. What else is new?

Later on in the night there was a raid and I got caught up in trying to help some children escape. My friend that was there saw it and risked his own life to save me and the other children that were with me. And he awoke suddenly. A massive tattoo of a dragon appeared on his body and he was able to rescue us. I was amazed and reached to touch the tattoo and just thought how beautiful it was. He suddenly just grabbed my hand and looked at me saying I had to get out of here and help the others. So I did quickly. When I got to the camp site I ran into another guardian that was of the spider totem fondly nicked named Anansi, he was a master of illusions. He nodded to me and started to run off to the direction of the village. What I didn’t know was some of the people after the people had followed us.

I was cornered with the kids. Yet I just stood there calmly and pulled out an old sword. I made it clear no matter what I was going to protect the children. One of the men just smirked at me gripping his battle axe. I felt a shiver down my spin as four more walked from out of the shadows with weapons. One pointing a cross bow at me, I knew this was suicide to just stand there but I felt that if I could just save one of them I have done my job.

Just them a cross bow bolt slammed in to my right shoulder and a growled in pain, jerking backward from the force. But I didn’t fall I just resumed my stance. Suddenly I heard a voice, no more like I heard the totem whisper. “I am here, you are my vassal and together we will rise from the ashes and honor the noble hearts of innocence.”

A tattoo appeared on my back of a pair of wings and I could feel my body get a bit stronger. The children around me knew they were safe and were not scared. It was a clam wash of emotions over me and the men started to back up when they saw I had awaken. I guess they didn’t realize I was a guardian. I dropped my sword and stepped forward holding up my hands and looked up at the sky which seemed to reflect a storm was coming. I concentrated in my mind and heart as I summoned the lighting from the storm that was brewing above us. I could see the lighting dancing in the sky. And I just kept holding my hands there until all the hair was standing up on their skin and they knew they were about to get strike down. The lighting crashed down and smashed them.

Next thing I remember was waking up to my friend that had the dragon tattoo and smiling seeing I was still alive. He asked what happened. And I told him I awoke and wondered why he didn’t know that. And made the mention the tattoo marking was not there. I blinked a few times and looked at him. I thought once you awaken they never leave you. He just thought for a long moment. "Who knows, but I doubt yours has left you."

So talking about nifty dream Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Mar. 31st, 2003 05:49 am (UTC)
That was beuatiful, and so you!!