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[Exit Rose colored shades. Enter Flaming Temptress]

Side note: This may suck .. Sorry .. it's just hard to keep mind on this and battle simple minded Customers on the phone..

The Dojo looked cozy and nice for the most part. Feeling rude for barging in the dojo without asking permission she stood there and looked around seeing if anyone was around. A shadow cast down on the floor before her and looked up with narrowed eyes cause of the dim light.

[Moment of pause enter creepy music]
[J looks at Phoenix]
[Phoenix looks at J]

Both: AHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Phoenix: [falling backward and grabbing chest, breathing deeply]

J: [Falling down at well the opposite direction]

Phoenix: I swear I am not breaking in!! I swear!


Phoenix: [Sweat Drop and nervous laugh] Would you believe


J: WHOA! Even I don’t talk that fast after a caffeine rush.

Phoenix: [rubs the back of head and sighs] Sorry not everyday you lose your bish and end up being attacked by an Angel with bad manners.

J: [Gives a Blank look and stands up] I think my head hurts from that comment

Phoenix: [stands up and extends out her right hand that is gloved] Umm My name is Phoenix, Defender of Caffeine, Nicotine and Free thought..

J: [Reached and took her hand shook firmly] I am just J. Flesh and blood trapped ink/Paint world.

Phoenix: Soo you’re not… [looks disappointed and marks him off her list and folds it up]

J: Hey what was that? [eyeing the list that was now in her pocket]

Phoenix: Errumm.. Nothing… [looks innocent]

J: [raises a brow at her] Right, Any they say Hitler is a saint.

Phoenix: [blinks and wrinkles her nose at him] And to some forms of life he is! But I am not claiming him.. I could claim you and that make you fear .. [Rubbing her hands together grinning ear to ear]

J: Umm has anyone ever told you that you look evil when you are thinking? [takes a few steps back]

Phoenix: Well.. [taps her chin with her finger and looks thoughtful] No I do not believe they have. But I am always up for new criticism from fresh new minds. [dripping with sarcasm]


Phoenix: [holds up a hand and looks around] I can honestly say that is not me!

J: [rushes to the door and peeks out] Didn’t you mention something about an Angel?

Phoenix: Do I have to repeat everything?

J: [Grabs Phoenix by the wrist and shows her out side of the same Angel] That Type of Angel?

Phoenix: Well What type of Angel were you thinking?

J: [Groans] I can safely assume HE isn’t your date.

Phoenix: [Blank look]…………..

[To be continues]