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Yet more of the anime scariness..

[Part 3 and better than a movie part three]

[After looking for a moment at an Over sized Abstract monster walking along. Phoenix Looks at J]

Phoenix: {Grabs him by the wrist] Come on you coming with me. …

J: [Blinks and looks at her with a terrified look] HEY we just met!

Phoenix: Heh.. You’re cute, but I am not that easy.. No I need to help me!

[Before J could react she dragged him along close enough to look up and see nose hairs]

Phoenix: [Looks over at J and sighs] You would think Monsters.. errr I mean Angels would learn personal hygiene

J: Or have better fashion sense, Or what is up with the fact they can destroy an Army but it takes a group of half naked school girls to take then down.

Phoenix: I blame the Anime system.

[Right then three little girls only known as The magic something or rather, Obviously representing the primary elements charging forward with over sized swords]

Phoenix: Oh YAY! [Rolls her eyes and sticks out a leg and trips the first one and grabs the other one by the shirt collar] Beat Girlie. This is my Turf.

Magic Girl Red: HEY! That wasn’t nice! [Sniffles]

Magic Girl Blue: [Gives Phoenix a dejected look being held by her] Excuse me! You don’t look like a hero! You must siding with this monster!

J: Umm Phoenix.. [Looking down at a point of a blade from Magic Girl Green]

Phoenix: [Glances over and drops the girl on her butt] Oh please, you and your narrow minded, Stereotyping assumptions. Please this is what we call the industrial look. Learn it. Love it Accept it or.. [Walks up behind the Magic Girl Green and thwaps her over the head with her elbow]

Magic Girl Green: [Falls over and rubs her head] Owwwwie..

J: Heh Thanks..

Magic Girl Red: But we are here to save the day!

Magic Girl Blue: YEAH! Who else can do that?

Phoenix: [Looks really annoyed now] ME!!! ME!! ME!! Why? CAUSE THIS FAN FIC IS ABOUT ME!! Not you! [Pokes Magic Girl Blue in the forehead]

J: [Helps Magic Girl Green] Better listen to her, She is unstable. I saw what she did to the last group of girls. It wasn’t Pretty.

Phoenix: Now beat it before I decide to sale you on the black market for an extra yen and you become the new hentai princess episode!

[Both J and Phoenix watch the little girls run off]

Phoenix: Do you think I was too harsh?

J: Nah, They needed a reality check.

Phoenix: Yeah.. [Looks up and blinks seeing the angel just standing there waiting] Oh RIGHT! {Arches her back spread out her metal wings.]**SHINK** Excuse me I need to see about an Angel.

J: Whoa, those are some wings!

Phoenix: [flying up and looking eye to eye with this thing] So Waiting long?

Angel: …[Raises up a hand showing her the Anime Monster Union card]

Phoenix: WHAT!!!! No WAY! Hold on!! [Digs in her pants and pulls out her card] See I am in the Misunderstood Heroes Union! So that means… [Looks at her watch] Right have a break in about 2 mins. So let’s get started!

Angel: [Tries to swat at her]

Phoenix: [Ducks and spins around] You already tried that move! What else do you have? I know they only limit you with about four special moves..

Angel: [opens it’s mouth and a green gas comes out]

Phoenix: [Gags] WHOA!!! That is some breath There buddy! [Flies back some and puts on a gas mask]

J: [sitting on a park bench watching this even, mean while Ace walks up and sits down by J]

Ace: What’s up with the chick flying there?

J: Long story bro, just watch.. [Offers some popcorn]

Ace: [takes some and watches] Thanks.

Angel: [Charges toward her and Pauses]

Phoenix: [Opening one eye and looks down at her watch] Oh right! Break!

[Suddenly angel sits down on a office building and Phoenix sits on his shoulder pulling out a cig]

Phoenix: You don’t mind do you?

Angel: [Pulls out one too and offers a flame]

Phoenix: Oh! Cool..

Ace: That explains for the smog….

J: Heh, That is one way to second hand smoke.

Commercial break!

Phoenix: Do you ever get tired of your Bishoen? Want to get a new one but can’t afford the hassle?

Gem: Well then come to Bishoen Huntress Inc!

Both: Where you can get the latest hottie for cheap prices!

Phoenix: you can even bring in your old one and trade it in!

Gem: We don’t mind! Used or abused!


Ace: Was that just scary? Or was that just me?

J: No man… even spook is disturbed.

[To be continued]


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Apr. 11th, 2003 08:49 am (UTC)
love the new icon :D
Apr. 11th, 2003 09:01 am (UTC)
Apr. 11th, 2003 09:20 am (UTC)
oooh.. and this one, too! :D
Apr. 11th, 2003 01:56 pm (UTC)
*VERY* nice new icons!

~~Kt3: "When I'm up I can't get down", as Oysterband would say~~
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