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For People on Scarbby Cast

Yes I am sick person ..

Today on May 19th
In 1536, Anne Boleyn, the wife of England's King Henry the Eighth, was beheaded on this date.

Three years after the fact.. I wonder what each char was doing or thinking when this would have happened. Kind of interesting thing to think about.


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May. 20th, 2003 04:31 am (UTC)
I bet this was kind of like "Where were you when JFK was shot?", only medieval.
Where where they when King Henry got beheaded? :spock:
May. 20th, 2003 06:29 am (UTC)
LOL yeah Exactly.. I mean it would kinda of cool in a dark way to have Chars with thier comments on how they felt or where they were.. you know what I mean?
May. 22nd, 2003 01:13 pm (UTC)
All five of my Scarborough characters have been incredibly fond of Queen Anne. Having them witness the day of her execution (even though one of them -- Donovan -- would already be dead by then) would be most sad and strange!

~~Kt3, Moving FAST~~
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