Twilight Fenix (twilightfenix) wrote,
Twilight Fenix

Adn on the program I lost 3 lbs.

Left work early, grabbed White Tiger and went over to DWF to the A-kon pre reg for a meeting and see a few people that wanted to see. Drove White Tiger to Sally’s to get some hair color stuff.. then back to DFW. Hung of ra bit went to the meeting.

I was there early in the morning for Medical helping out the medics with stuff in the Pre Reg Line. That was a lot of fun [Acutely I think I went numb in the legs after awhile. Roamed around with White tiger dressed up. He was such a hottie. Got stopped every so often to have his pic taken. Tooo many fan girls out there. GAH!!! Mean while, Gothboy came up there to hang out with us at the bar and ran into other people. That was really eventful there. Also went to Goatboy’s Improve panel and was dragged into it. Umm yeah I can never get away from the improve games =)
And people at Scarbby wonder why I am so vicious with the games. Heh.

Ran around again with a few people, Got to do some shopping. Blah blah blah blah .. Hosted the wonderful Boardie Gathering Panel. I need to get a tranq gun next time to shoot a few people. But I think it was an all in out success. It was Great seeing Amy Black there, Angel and her Sweet heart Yohan, Edge, Disco, J, Ace, Aya in the Med room, piper, Gem’s Flame, The Mer, Umm.. I could list more and I will when I can get more time. Umm did the con thing, Did Med for a few hours watched Cosplay on the TV. Was going to dance but exhaustion was hitting me. Went home gave Gothboy some Anime porn for him since he was teasing me about getting him some for him.


Roamed around just being silly. Left the damn Cell phone at home and a lot of people were looking for me. Any ways was found finally by a few people roamed around in the dealers rooms. Did Boardie Bye bye.

More stories in detail later.

I think I got sick over this weekend and didn’t know it.

Oh well …
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