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Maybe a New Friend From LJ?


Impressive, but i would only consider worshipping you if you told me more about yourself, i see we do have some common interests.

If i worship you will my swords miraculously clean themselves?

will I get back into fighting trim?

do services/sacrifices involve chocolate? or something more perverse? or better yet perverse and chocolaty!
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2002-05-10 09:44 (link)

I am not the Goddess of Blades.. But I can say You would be more motivated to train and become the very best. [Sounds like the Marines]

chocolate.. :: purrs and flops over:: Mmm Strawberries.. Hmmmm .... Pocky....

Preverse.. Ehh .. only one allowed to do that is my gothic teddy bear.. I gave him permission for that.. and raspberry.. :: drools ::

Heheheh What would you like to know about The goddess like me? :: flutters eye lashes::