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MEME from whitetigergeek

1) Several regions of the world view the Phoenix in slightly different versions, but most of them view it as a symbol of rebirth and life. What variation would you say best fits with your relation to the phoenix?

I would have said the traditional Greek style when I first found her. But All the cultures combine have some influence and connects me to them. Even Thunderbird has shown up in the strangest ways. But as far as relation, Rebirth and wisdom.

2) Your talent with drawing is among the best I have ever seen outside of somebody who does it for a living. So, as a two part question, would you ever consider drawing for a career? and, where did your inspiration come from to start drawing?

I would if I had more skills make into my life career. But I suck so I just do it for fun :shrugs:

What inspired me? Would you believe I have been drawing since I was in pre school? I just love to draw it helps me escape and show people what I see in my head some times

3) We have known each other for many years now with several ups and downs during the first few years. Did you ever think at any time we would never survive as friends? (don't answer if you think is too personal)

Honestly at one point I thought it was over completely but after we got over it things started to look up and I realized that if we can handle that we can handle anything.

4) You and I have been following the whole Cyclops/Phoenix/White Queen love triangle in X-Men for a while now. But I curious to know if you think actually it would be better for Cyclops and Jean to break up for good. Would Jean be better off with somebody else? other than Wolverine.

For the record If Cyclops was a better char that I enjoyed I would say she would do better to work things out. BUT HELLLL NO! JEAN Go find a better man!!! GRRrrrrrrrr

5) As with your drawing, your writings have been outstanding. Especially your epic dreams that outshine any dream I have ever had. I wonder, how is it that your dreams are so complete and you are able to remember them so vividly? P.S. I want to hear the end of that huge epic dream, you promised you would finish it.

because it’s my only way to release completely without interruptions or being ignored, ran over by others while talking or sharing things I thrive on dreams. I hunger for them so much I will force myself to stay asleep if I can to see the out come and hold on to the dream so I don’t forget. My dreams are my only way right now to live a different life out this one to where I am more in control and no one can hold me back


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Jun. 14th, 2003 10:16 am (UTC)
awesome answers, thanks for answering! I'm glad we worked things out too, I think we can handle about anything now.
Jun. 14th, 2003 01:46 pm (UTC)
Re: cool
Yeah I agree we can handle anything and watch out for each other when we can
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