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Monday, Monday, Monday

Okay so I am here early cause I got a new computer at work.. Yay..

Sunday was fun cause I got to see snow_lynx Had some fun and got to write some on the Shadow Phoenix Story.

Watched some anime and talked about things, had some pizza and drinks.

I really was happy to spend time with her.

Next on my list is to cancel the Cable.
And get my computer and other stuff over this next weekend.

Man the rate I am going I will have enough done to where it will be nice and easy.

All last night I kept having dreams that where just off the wall. I really dont feel like sharing them either until I am really awake.

I finding myself more and more resolved to just state what I have been feeling up front. I tried standing on the side lines thinking somethings will get resolved but then again after just making mentions of it to some people. I needed to say it up front.

I am pulling alot of hours this week and most likely next week too.

I need as much extra money has I can get so I can finally square things off withthe old apartment and start off on a good fondation of money to help gothman out.