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What's YOUR sexual fetish?
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For a Virgin I sure know more skills in the bed room than the missionary Style..GAH!!

::mutters:: Bastage..

Any ways..

Yes folks I am at work again.. [YAY]
And Dreding this day cause I have Manager Coaching.

See last week I made 100% on AHT. [average handle Time] and 98% on ICP. So I am looking pretty on my states. Issue here, cause I lost my fucking job because I had outstanding Stats. And This always brings a red flag on me. So Now I am worried they will find something wrong with me and rip me apart.

Oh well It's Tuesday.. I hate Tuesdays. I wish it was Hump day.

Mean while I feel kind of just there cause of the past week or so something have really gotten on my nerves and instead of just brushing it off I am for the 100th time [well slightly Over the number] I choose to be honest. More honest than some people can handle and get defensive about it. Human nature, everyone does it. But man it's getting to the point where I am thinking I am losing some respect with some people I care about.

Side note: Some I just don't give a damn about.

Pet peeve for the day: Don't you hate it when someone whines about how they have a flaw or something and you are sitting there looking at this person and thinking STFU! But the same person really has this nasty habit of playing with fire and poiting out your flaws,when you are very aware of them. Matter of Fact you know your self better than they know themselves.

Happy thought of the day: I remember always goign to school and playing on the play ground before classes with my friends. I miss that..