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Okay.. If I go in a padded room..

So today I have been getting alot of customers that just don't listen, nor do they want too. Or so it seems. I had to threat one guy as child over the phone.

"Sit, if you keep talking over me while I am giving instructions to you, you will most likely get this rejected. So you can either listen to me completely without cuting me off or take the risk of having this process taknig longer."

Mean while, foun dout yet again Thrid month in a row I have gotten the highest ICP/Adherence in Westlake. Meaning three months I have Kicked Arse.. Go me.. Heh..

I am starting to think that people really dont know how to manage thier time ont he phone.

::snickers:: Oh well.

Today's Pet peeve: People that can not drive in the rain..

Today's Happy thought: PAY DAY IS A DAY AWAY


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Jun. 27th, 2003 09:34 am (UTC)
Hey Dear!
Glad you're kicking arse and taking names at work. Knew you would! :~)

~~Kt3 the Tired of Having to Talk Down to Customers to Be Understood~~
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