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A very worn out Phoenix

Welp this weekend just torn me a new ass hole for all the crap I did.

Sometime I don’t think many of the cast members realize what the hell some of us combat people do. I mean I know how Red wings feels. It’s just pissing me off. Phoenix does this, Phoenix does that. Phoenix no you cant have you cat nap now cause I am screwing you over!

Okay so I love doing the chest of gold bit in parade. My director came up to me and stated Kevin should be back, but if he is not back. Then he might find someone else to do the parade. And this is what I like to do. I explained all I need is a bout a good 30 min catnap before and I am fine. But I was denied that twice in a row this weekend cause of a careless teenager. ARGHH!!!!

Then, when I do need rest people are dragging me in the lanes. Someone even had the fucking nerve to tell me I am doing enough in the lanes. What the hell are you around me all day?

I was thankful that the baron was not there to walk all over me Sunday, but I didn’t even get a chance to do any lane stuff cause I was dragged all over the place for a shopping a gift. I mean I don’t mind that part too much. The part I minded was being stopped constantly in the lanes by other lane members and not getting it done but in a short period of time.

I snapped at my boy friend about getting a back massage from another girl and resting his head in her chest. And that just fucking pissed me off to no avail!

That was just tacky and disrespectful, of my feelings. No to mention embarrassing by far if anyone should have known what was going on. I mean I’m most times understanding but when I made it clear I didn’t like it that Friggan badger kept doing it and he just laid there. Well I went over to his place that night and he asked me if I was really upset. I almost lost my cool and wanted to cry.

I said yes I didn’t like it. And the girl is on my shit list now. And I didn’t need that as fair. My emotions just can take so much in a day. I was just glad Loud&deep was there to dance with me. Or I would have stormed off leaving my mom there and started to cry. I don’t need that.

He apologized and said he doest want to hurt me. I know he doesn’t but people hurt each other all the time intentionally or unintentionally. I just wonder if Badger gets a damn clue on what she did, I mean after all that was the main reason she left her lover in the dust cause he cheated on her.

Any ways, I think am a little better; I don’t like roses as much any more from my boyfriend. Cause now it’s like he is always saying sorry to me. A gift of roses should be something more positive

I am sure this Anger I have isn’t all cause of that. I know there are a lot of factors involved. Like I need more rest. My body can just take so much right now with the lack of food I am eating and sleep. Oh yeah.. the constant pain I feeling my body everyday. Bleh.. I am sure the pain will phase out soon.


May. 13th, 2002 04:19 pm (UTC)
i think i broke my pinky playing soul and you airhockey a couple weeks ago....

it still hurts, its red, there's a bump, here, look:

reow... *sad kitty*

May. 13th, 2002 04:24 pm (UTC)
Re: =n.n=
Awww Sweety!! I am sorry =(.. well no one can ever say Air hockey is a safe sport to play


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