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Yet another reason to be home today....


Hung out with Cosmic and redwing at the mall to get some food and watch a movie.
Met up with DMO for a bit then went shopping for some clothes for the churchs.

After watching Charle's Angels went to the club and had some fun.
Got to see lots oooooof people. Some from out of state, which was toootally cool.

laid in bed mostly until noon and started to get ready to go out for the 4th. Had bar B Que and hung out at one party then went over to another friend's place and had more food then drove over to gothman's part of town and fired off some rockets and stuff..


Cleaned house, cleaned more house.. Fell asleep and got back up and helped clean house.

Oh yeah .. Did I mention I was cleaning house.

Passed out while gothman went to another party..


Feeling sick as hell from womanly elements. <#$@#%$%^$#%#$@@!!!>
Laid in bed part of the timed then helped Clean the garage. Unpacked some of my shyte and got some stuff hung up..


Having a conversation with gothman while he is about to pass out. In hopes he would remember. Asked him the next day of he remembered anything. And saying no and what did he say. "Oh..dont worry about it"

Do I look like I care about stressing myself out more than needed? Yeah right..

Soon this month will end and soon I will no longer have chocolate, Caffine, Cigs and much much more.

:sighs: I pray I get some real sleep soon.


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Jul. 7th, 2003 08:15 am (UTC)
Thanks for the invite to see the movie. I had more fun hanging out with you than you'd believe. Even the part where I had to wait for you to try on sessy clothes for The Church. Yeah, so I'm a guy and easy to entertain. ]:)

Wish we could've talked more. Next time! *hugs*
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