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Now for something postive

Got my boots in yesterday and tried them.. :drum roll: I LOVE THEM!!! YAY!!They did a great job! I am so pleased with my new boots!

Also got my money back from the transaction issue yesterday.. ::grumbal::

found out my CDs were late coming in cause they sent it to a wrong address. So they contacted me and soon I will have my CDs!

Next on my list is this friday going over to the apt to pack somethings up and take with me to make it easier on Sat. Pick up some botteled water and make a list of what everyone wants to drink ..

And get the order for food in too. I have my Art work almost completed. It's pretty neat ..
I got the title as well. "Doorway to New Generation's inner Peace"

Just need to get it framed and ready for the art contest at work.
I need to call Dish to get it set up at the house. Yes people finally we will have more than 6 stations. heh...