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Pie anyone?

Okay so Sat sucked royally in some cases.

1) the bill I got was digusting.
2) My mother didn't bother to show up until late to help me learn how to make Apple Pie.
3) I cause mom was late I missed out on going out with my friends.
4) They got sick on the food so missed on dinner I cooked.
5) It rained so I couldnt go Roller Blading.
6) I called my brother to yell at him for a second. [Well Atleast I wanred him to have a Cancer stick in hand]

Yeah I say Sat was messed up and yeah not that bad but enough to not tempt going out that night =/


I got to hang with Redwing and got to see trot fox's job. That was really cool.
Then Redwing and me went over to her apt and picked up what ever was left.
Dropped it off and went out driving and found a Shop with Old stuff in it. Well some of it wasn't that old but they said it was. [Mutters]

And Redwing helped me get my prop for next years Scarbby!
I love them!!

So we went home ordered pizza and watch Star Wars on the TV.

It was a pretty good day.

I really want to find a job closer to my place but I think I will wait after my five years are up and see how I feel then. Heh..


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Aug. 12th, 2003 11:08 am (UTC)
Sorry your Saturday was so crappy, but I'm glad Sunday was better!

~~Kt3, In A Rush~~
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