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Ghost, lives, dreams

I am starting to have flash backs of my dream from last night. I am still a bit shaken by the events cause after words my head has been playing mind games with me or at least I think so.

I was just laying there on the bed looking at the ceiling hearing voices around me talking out loud. I felt the need to wake up quickly cause no one needed to be there but me and the cat cause Greg is on a business trip again. However when I woke up or so I thought I did I saw people I could slightly see through talking loudly, without real concern I told them to move out the room and go some where else, I was under the assumption it was a dream. When one of them got in my face and started to yell, scream and express how they hated me being alive, certainly was a rush of emotions there. I could smell the hate, well that is if you can smell hate. I even felt the hair moving back from my face as the person was getting more violent. I just sat there blinking for a moment and explaining to the dipshit person that I have been there done that. Now why in hell I would say that I will never know, just that it was the first thing that exploded out of my mouth. Well the person just backed off and huffed at me. The other people started to move out and shook their head, all say but one little boy that placed his hands on the bed and shakes it slightly and I am feeling this, I look at him and ask him why he is doing it and all he say is. “ Why can’t you see us when you are awake?” And all I can say is “ I am too busy and people wouldn’t understand.”

So he just confirmed I am dreaming this.... BAH!


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Sep. 4th, 2003 08:40 pm (UTC)
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