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And just because I can..

Some information that is Useless but Interesting

Type A
Advantages: obedient, careful, sympathetic, empathetic, self-sacrificing, polite, willing to compromise, honest, loyal

Disadvantages: worries a lot, emotional, weak-willed, indecisive, introverted, anti-social, wishy-washy, nervous

Type B
Advantages: cheerful, outgoing, optimistic, adventurous, active, sensitive, kind

Disadvantages: forgetful, undecided, disorganized, noisy, spontaneous, prone to exaggeration

Type AB
Advantages: sensitive, proud, diplomatic, discriminating, easy-going, sympathetic, efficient, learns quickly

Disadvantages: short-tempered, complains, dependent, moody, brooding

Type O [Gee.. Redwing and myself can relate to this workholic stuff ;)]
Advantages: confident, strong-willed, judgemental, dedicated, self-deterministic

Disadvantages: workaholic, insecure, emotional, stubborn, uncompromising, cold personality, over-confident, self-centered

FY Drinking Game.. Heh


each instance cited is worth one chug of your tasty beverage
some rare instances are worth upto three chugs of your tasty beverage
these instances can be from all tv episodes and the two series of OVAs

One Chuggers

any Suzaku Seishi's character appears
Hotohori wears the imperial "bucket" hat and "duck" shoes
Nuriko is dressed as a girl
a new Seishi is introduced
Suzaku - 1
Seiryuu - 1
Byakko - 2
Genbu - 3
any Seishi is seen bare-chested(2 if it's Nuriko)
Miaka calls out Tamahome's name
Tamahome calls out Miaka's name
Tamahome counts or asks for money
Yui's uniform gets affected by Miaka in the book
Nyan Nyans appear
Tasuki cusses
Chichiri says "no da"
anyone becomes SD (super-deformed)
Hotohori acknowledges how beautiful he is
Nuriko swoons over Hotohori
Hotohori threatens someone with his sword (2 if it's Tamahome)
Tamahome kisses (is kissed by counts!):
Miaka - 1
Yui - 2
Soi - 2
Nuriko - 2
Nakago! - 3
a seishi first voices his love for Miaka
Miaka runs away
Miaka demolishes a meal in under a second
Koji answers a door
Tamahome beats up more than four people at one time
Taiitsu-kun scares someone with her presence
someone refers to Taiitsu-kun as "Sunakake Baba"
someone dies (not a seishi)

Two Chuggers
any Seiryuu Seishi's character appears
Tasuki flames anything (3 if it's Tamahome)
a Seishi masquerades as another god's Seishi
Tomo does his cool laugh
Tama Neko imitates someone
someone sees Miaka half/fully naked
the spirits of dead seishi appear
Nyan Nyans get smacked by other characters
Chichiri says just "da"
we see Chichiri without his mask
Tasuki gets smacked for saying something he oughtn't
Soi and Nakago have sex or refer to it
somebody refers to Nuriko being gay
Amiboshi and Suboshi send skin scratch messages
someone tries to rape Miaka
Miaka is enveloped by a red light
a seishi dies

Three Chuggers
a seishi is called by/says their real name
Chiriko does something helpful
a miko successfully calls her god
a seishi recalls their past
we see Tetsuya without his sunglasses
Chichiri disappears into his hat
Tamahome goes "super-oni"
Nakago uses his whip
when a character has their hair cut
Miaka grabs a person's chest to see if it's a man or woman
when everybody in the room screams because the episode just ended left you hanging...again

Open to Infinity Chuggers
any Byakko or Genbu Seishi's character appears - good luck! (it happens in the manga)


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Oct. 8th, 2003 02:57 pm (UTC)
It might sound insane, but I've actually been surfing the net for blood type information ^_^ Thanks for the help, heh ;)
Oct. 8th, 2003 05:19 pm (UTC)
LOL NP! what Blood type are you?
Oct. 8th, 2003 07:04 pm (UTC)
AB :)
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