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Phoenix and White tiger review.

Thanks to White Tiger’s gift of the special edition Witch hunter Robin I got to view it and I have a few comments I would like to share on this.

First off I love the character designs each one is tangible to reach out and connect with, but not too much up front but like a normal life exchange of information you get to know more and more about it one but not too much were to already can predict their past and their flaws. Their interactions are believable and intriguing on how they react.

Second I love the use of style and colors. They are not over usage of bright colors, a lot of dark tones to add to the theme that is carried out through the series. The blend of CGI effects are so subtle it not cheesy and annoy. I personally do not like over use of CGI unless it’s use convincingly. This can be hard in my opinion when you have an over use of bright colors. Dark colors seem to add and blend to the shadows of the CGI.

The movement of each person is good, although as Redwing had pointed watching with me the smoking is not all that believable the cigarette did not burn down and also it’s a bit bigger than a normal one. But hey I am not here to bash about the smoking but I have to admit the made it simple in design, but added details in other areas to make it a smooth style to enjoy.

The music is just wonderful I was grateful that the gift packet contained the sound track. I am very enthralled with it right now. It’s not to dark and depressing, but slightly a feel of emotional determination with no over bearing aggressive beats to contradict the main character’s personality.

The terms and resources are almost exactly like the magic terms used in real life. There is really a science to their reasoning and do not over use magic as an excuse to explain things but go more in to the back ground. Someone did their home work and I am impressed. I am not going to lead into spoilers for anyone else but I do suggest this one as a good anime to watch.


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Oct. 16th, 2003 01:22 pm (UTC)
Good lord NO
How can you watch that series?

I've seen glaciers that move fifteen times faster than an episode of WHR. It's like Hellsing as done by Goths on Valium.

An example episode synopsis:

Young goth witch girl wakes up.
Young goth witch girl has coffee and talks to gay guy.
Young goth witch girl walks around.
Young goth witch girl sits in the park and looks ridiculously medicated.
Young goth stud with long hair angers superior.
Young goth stud with long hair says something snarky.
Young goth babe with long hair says something snarky.
Young goth stud with long hair looks ridiculously medicated.
Young goth witch girl walks around looking like she's overdosed on Valium.
Young goth stud with long hair looks for Young goth witch girl, but does not find her.
Young goth witch girl goes to store and buys loaf of bread.
Snarky goth chick gets in trouble.
Longhaired goth boy asks something trivial of someone somewhere, then walks around looking sad and stoic.
Young goth witch girl drinks more coffee while throwing breadcrumbs to ducks.
James goes to sleep after 25 minutes of this drivel and accidentally sleeps through the part where something happens.

Wash, rinse, repeat.
Oct. 16th, 2003 01:58 pm (UTC)
Re: Good lord NO
Umm you can say that about your life..

What do you do every day? Hmmm? You can not tell me people do not have random events every friggan day of thier lives to the point just waking up is a surprising event.

Randomness some times has no point in content for a person that has a long attention span. ADD people Well that is thier perfect entertainment.. Yeah so you may not like it but that is my review over it.. So NYAAHHHHHH =P

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