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Ghost hunters

Yes I know I have been planning a ghost hunt for a while. Kind of hard finding time and avoiding the subject with Gothman [he doesn't like me doing it]

But I got invited to a group that I think some of you will find interesting and meet other people with a common interest.


Love Phoenix


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Oct. 23rd, 2003 06:46 am (UTC)
I've been UFO hunting but never ghost hunting. I didn't see any, either.

Me and my brother drove to East Texas one summer and saw the Marfa lights, then drove into Roswell the next day and went to all the UFO museums. The next weekend we drove to Aurora, Texas where a UFO supposedly crashed in 1898 and they buried the pilot in the town cemetery. I took a shovel and we took turns posing like we were digging up its grave. *laugh*

Ooh, I wonder if there are alien ghosts in the cemetery??
Oct. 23rd, 2003 06:49 am (UTC)
0.o; I guess anything is possible.. ::rubs her head::

UFO's ehh? Hmm Never done that.. I wonder if it would worth having a rode trip to do that Heh
Oct. 23rd, 2003 08:13 am (UTC)
My best friend James and I went on a ghost hunt in London..... remind me to tell you about the only ghost we seem to have encountered sometime..(apart from me trying to terrify everyone *grin*) i have an awesome picture for you to look at as well.
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