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This weekend..

:;yawns:: lack of sleep. Missed Raven party cause of it :shakes her head pissed about this:

Go to my mom’s early in the morning, get back about noonish.

Play FFX I still stuck on AREA 18 – AIRSHIP fighting that damn dragon Evrae.

I finally won against it get to the island and get killed before I can save. HOW CRAPPY IS THAT?!

Meanwhile redwing and trot fox come over and talk with us for a bit. Go home gothman cleans I pass out. Now I am here at work..

Work? 13 hours of fun go me. And tomorrow once again 13 hours of fun, after that 9 hours of fun for Weds and Thursday. Friday I get there normal time.

Maybe I will get some rest?

Let’s hope


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Oct. 28th, 2003 01:54 am (UTC)
Missed you on Saturday but I completely understand! :~)

Damn, girl, get some rest!

~~Kt3 the Glad You're Enjoying FFX~~
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