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Dreams or just what I make up..

Last night after my hot shower I crashed. I have been doing a lot of OT lately as you guys know from my post. But this night Phoenix was fighting me not to sleep. I thought she was being a little brat or something with the attention-o-matic on full blast so I shoved her off the bed and told her to knock it off..

So then I was taken hostage in my own fucking dream reality in my own home, in our bed! I am so miffed about it I could just ARGHHH!!!

Here am I in this dream flying around through the sky at night. Enjoying the energy around me and peace when suddenly something shadowy rushed towards quickly and knocks me down. I hit the ground so hard I could feel my body jolting my sleep, normally I would wake up by this time and turn and go to sleep, but not this time.

I started to force myself up rubbing the side my face when it felt wet. I look down at my fingers and see blood so now I am not that is strange I don’t always see blood in my dreams unless I am seeing something from the past. Odd, very odd indeed but I start to stand up with this shadowy figure stands there in silence about 10 feet away.

I have two choices, I could just walk away and wake up or I can confront this person or thing. Wait.. No I have only one choice I have to face this thing because I can not wake up. Bastard screwed me out of my options!

So I confront this figure by just standing there in silence for a moment to study this thing see if there is any weakness or illusions that I was creating that I could over come.
This thing was about 6ft 7’’ Maybe few inches off but I didn’t have a damn ruler so don’t get picky.

All in black head was over with a hood from a tattered cloak. But one thing.. On both wrists there were chains, polished chains that were wrapped around his wrist. How very umm gothic I was thinking. So what do I do? What a normal everyday Stephers does in her dreams, confronts it with force and wit.

“Hey are you so ugly you have to hide you face to me? Ehh?”
[Well isn’t that so clever of me? ::smirks::]

The thing just stands there and raises a hand waving a finger at me as though I have been a bad girl.

“Do you mind letting me go so I can wake up? It’s not like we had a date here. See it should be in my planner!” I am holding out my planner [Yes I have a planner in my dreams] and marked down shows nothing but the word BLOCK.

I blink for a moment and toss the planner over my shoulder and sigh.

“I am not asking this nice enough am I?”

The figure lets out a sound. “Heh”

It’s a male voice!!! Okay now we are getting some where in this damn dream. Suddenly a gust of wind blows from behind me and I see a hint of silver hair showing from under the hood. Even better I was thinking.

“Okay there has to be a reason why you have me blocked from waking up and just standing there so ‘Billy badass pose’ there. So could you let me know this secret meeting?”

“You are here to wake up.”

That is what the guy tells me. And I am thinking waking up? Wait a second I woke up or did I? No wait what the hell does he me “wake up?”

“Umm excuse me for my thickness here. But wake up? I would love to Wake up but you have me blocked.”

The man pushes back his hood and pulls out a sword and I standing there in awe. He is so pretty, but when the sword was pulled out I was not going to stop and feel threaten.

So I tried to take back my dream and get a sword myself. Well I could do that so I thought this was a break for me to wake up. I tried to wake up no good.

“It won’t work until you wake up.” The guy again that is annoying me now.

“You just messed with the wrong Phoenix Bud. I know how to control my dreams and I will wake up from this and evict you from my head. Prepare to dance your last dance cause you are about to get burned”

[Why can’t I be this cool in real life? Oh yeah we don’t fight like this in real life]

Before I could even react he was on me with his sword and all I could do was blocked it and back up. When looked in to my eyes I was feeling vengeance and peace at the same time. HOW can you feel that way at the same time? :shrugs:

“I don’t know what is going on, but I will find out when I wake up and I will kick your ass so hard your eyes will bleed!”

The man just jumped back and smirked at him. “I thought you were ready but you are still playing with toys.”

Ooooohhhh that is it buddy I am not playing any more. So I just dropped the sword and stood there. “Come and get me if you think I am playing.”

He raised a brow and stood there for a moment and arched his back showing wings.


WING!!! WTF! What did I do to piss of a winged person? Ehh?

“Finally I can use a challenge.” He said as he started to rush towards me.

I kept still and looked at him convinced this was dream still and I was just having a conflict in my head.

As he took a huge powerful swing at me I closed my eyes and listened to my heart beat then the sounds in our room. I could hear Phoenix’s collar ringing and then I could feel her licking me. I finally could hear Greg snoring. But I was still in the dream nothing happened but him jumping back for a moment and looked a bit frustrated with me.

“This is not finished.”

And I had this blinding light as I am finally waking up to a nose bleed.

Yes I had a nose bleed and a massive headache this morning. I think the weather is affecting me. But nifty dream.


Oct. 29th, 2003 08:31 am (UTC)
Submit that is kind of hard to do in my case heh.. But we shall what happens..
Oct. 29th, 2003 10:07 am (UTC)
I understand... dreams occur primarily in the right hemisphere, the area devoted ot abstracts and emotions, and not rational thought and analysis. Your basic impulses often win out in dreams. It's why I run from everything in mine.