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Mistress of the Balloon Arts..

So I got to hang with meamgrimlock, kangitanka3, lys1022, peppermintkiss and snow_lynx on Wed after work.
We had lots and lots of fun with balloons. We are now all Trained masters of the Balloon arts. ^_^

It was great getting to spend time with those I love!

On Thursday I slept in cause I COULD! I got a call from dmo214 wishing me a happy thanksgiving and asking with I would be at Itzacon. And the Answer is yes but on Sat I might not be able to go cause I have alot of things to do, but Sunday I will be there with bells on. And after that we went to oberon_magus Mom's home and had food with his family. Finally got to meet His sister and the kiddos. They are soo cute and smart..
Damn Bio clock started ticking until the nephew sat down on our laps and farted. Needless to say it looks like it runs in the family.. -_-;

I hope every one else had a good dead turkey day.. and I yes I am at work.. BAH I hope I get off early,,