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ODD Question

Okay is the human penis. Muscle or Tissue or both?

I know this is strange coming from me. But I want to know.


Feb. 5th, 2004 01:29 pm (UTC)
The tongue *is* a muscle - what's fairly unique about it (besides the tentacle thing - didn't know that, but it makes sense!) is that unlike virtually every other muscle in the body, it only has one point of attachment. Voluntary muscle, I should say - heart and digestive system and other bits have muscle too, but it's a different type. All the other voluntary muscles attach at two or more points, and the contraction of those muscles, pulling one attachment point closer to another one, is how we move. That's also why voluntary muscles come in sets - one set to undo an action that another set has done (thus insuring that we don't end up with biceps permanently flexed, for example). The tongue however, is a nifty little muscle that basically uses itself and it's relatively large single attachment point as the fulcrum for all its movements. Isometrics for one, as it were ;)

Ummm...yeah, I used to be a bio major.

Stepping down from the podium,