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So I am Rping Yet again on the board.
Now mind you I love helping people out to improve, but there are those rare moments were I get the giggles from really silly behavior..

Girl: GET AWAY FROM ME OR BURN YOU STUPID SON OF A B****! *flames can be seen outside*

Girl: *comes in appearing to be in-human(see pic below)* [Not posting it cause I need to make a point]
I hate when they follow me.
*flies over to the stage and reverts back to normal*

Me: ::blinks as she jumps off the couch and skid over to the door and peeked out side::
What thee.. ??
::she held up a question Mark Sign and looked blankly at Terresa::

Girl: What? Oh. I'm not completely human.

Me: rubs the back of her head and shrugs:

Yeah ,.. but that was just random.. are you alright?

GirL: Yeah, but if you have a weak stomach, you better not go out there. It's ugly. I hit him with a spell called Flare. It's alot like internal combustion.

Guy: ::walks in seeing flames outside:: whats going on?

Me: ::blinked and looked at Trevor::

A weak stomach? Feh.. I more than capable of handling anything that is dished out at me or in front of me.. And Trevor if I knew what the heck was going on you would be the first to know

Guy: ::is confused::

Girl: I'll show you Flare. *steps out, comes back in with an empty, unused barrel, places it on the stage, and puts her hand against it* You better get back.

Guy: ::steps back a little::

Girl: FLARE! *barrel glows red as Terresa backflips away, the barrel exploding moments after*
Guy: um yeah. what was going on outside?

Girl: was being followed. I didn't care until they attacked me.

Guy: By who?

Girl: Nobody important I hope. *laughs*

Me: :: Just takes some notes down and nods::


Guy : Okay will they be back?

Girl: Like I said, I used Flare on them. They're in pieces right now.

Me: Ever Hear of Capturing and interrogating for information? It's a wonderful tactic..

Girl: Well... Because of what he did besides attacking me, I didn't think before I blew him up.

Me:she tapped her chin lightly think and nodded:

There is always better resolution thinking before reacting. Sure it's your life, but ultimately you can escape anything without attacking..

Girl : *walks over to Mezz* He abused me.

Is it me.. or does just seem a little Friggan OFF!!

Just look at the conversation and tell if this girl was thinking..??!!!


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Feb. 23rd, 2004 02:50 pm (UTC)
o__O People are crazy.

Anywho, I'm gonna call you later on today. I was wonderin' if we can hang out tomorrow night 'n stuffs. Jesse is gonna be working late and we could get sushi and do what we planned on doin' earlier, okies? :B
Feb. 23rd, 2004 02:54 pm (UTC)
Okay I get off at 6:30 so that should be fine fine fine!
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