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I am at work realizing today Gernal Mills comes in and sits with us. From what al the memos we have receieved they are veery anal about how things are run on thier plan. I am sitting there thinking.. Loooooong day.. Plus it's going to be raining more. Dont get me wrong I like the rain, but the wrong is when I hear thunder or lighting I get so excited I just want to run out side and have fun in it.

Had a nice dream last night.. Mehh I would love to share it but this one I am keeping to myself.. Let's just Greg will be a very happy man when he get's back from his trip! ::grins::

I am almost done with my Char. work sheets and I love it! Honestly I wish I use this stuff for building a RPG char when I am on line.

::looks around:: Okay so I am a DORK! But I am proud of this! Why? Cause it's me!


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Feb. 25th, 2004 06:08 pm (UTC)
evil evil girl
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