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Happy Texas Independence day! ^_^

Too young or too old is no excuse.
Wrong color is no excuse.
In debt is no excuse.
There's simply no bona fide, genuine
excuse for not being super-successful.
You control what you become.

- Scott Alexander

Declaration of Independence by the Republic of Texas, 1836 the 2d day of March

Patch work hearts

You know after last night I realized how much pain I had been through with a broken heart. And how much body wanted to just give up sometime cause I was pushing myself no matter what. Now I see people who are hurting a lot. Some are healing some are in the middle of the battle field not sure what the next move will be or what path to take.

I often wonder if I was over reacting with my own heart but now I see I too bleed the same color in the heart as everyone else. And I wish I could give some peace to them, some small to help them catch on fire again so they can burn just as bright as they used to. But just being there for them no matter what is the best even if they need to see it through.

I can see now why my friends were worried about me at that time and I wonder if they felt helpless like I do at times when I see someone I feel I need to help or defend fighting and I blocked or inhibit to do something cause some lessons must be learned on their own. So March beings like a Lion.. I hope the lamb comes soon so people can rest and have better dreams.


So what was my dream?
I was walking down a corridor of some old place with huge stain glass panels on each side of me. One in was in blue and green with a sea serpent, another was purples and blues with a black bird, another one with golden accents with clear glass with a golden rose, the following was deep blues with silver with a sleeping dragon, next a red, yellow mix with hints of other colors which was my phoenix, I remember there was one with silver and frosted glass that had a lynx on it crouching down. There were so many with different animals or symbols on it that I related to with people in my life.

“Well is this not a small dream world...”

I heard a voice behind me that sounded somewhat familiar to me I turned around to see that guy again but he didn’t have that aura of challenge about him. He walked past me and knelt down as though to give respect to someone or something at the end of this hall. I watched for a moment and inched up a little. “What are you doing?”

He held up a hand in a manner that meant silence. So I just stood there while a gale of wind thrust through the hall almost knocking me over. I turned only to see something walking slowly down the hall. I could a metal sound like spurs walking down the hall then after each step there was this painful sound of metal scraping along the wall. I just stood there for a moment wanted to see who it was, a dark figure walked forward with a dark robe with crimson trim on the edges. The face was covered up by the hood and there was hand exposed resting against a wall that had a mental clawed gauntlet. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

That is when Greg’s alarm went off and woke me up.. Got to love that.

Mean while

Silly stuff.

Phoenixgoddess and OberonMagus
  • Trying to have a handful of valuable children.
  • Choose not to read amicably.
  • Disappoint their fanbases by always staying together.
Orchestrated by ianiceboy

What is Your Destiny? by Valcion
DestinyDestroyer of Human kind
Date when you fufill your destinyFebruary 12, 2022
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