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Yet another song Stuck in my head today

Forest For The Trees

We are all here in the act of creation
Let's fly away on our imagination
You take me to the highest heights
And into the depths of the deepest abyss

When I am dreaming, I don't know if
I'm truly asleep or if I'm awake
And when I get up, I don't know if I'm
truly awake or if I'm still dreaming

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream, life is
but a dream
Traveling the waves of an infinite ocean
I feel the deepest emotion
I see a shadow of reality
Please hold me closely and take me away

I'm the first person
You're the second person
Earlier today I was in the third person
Stop cursing, start diversing
Oedipus is bliss
The sunshine will affect your mind
Stretch it out, don't doubt the amount
My brain is caught
I'm just blessed
Trip hoppin' so I flow like a stream
It's just a dream

And on a violent note: I would like to Stab this SOB IN THE WEE WEE

You should never be allowed to breed! How can someone honestly be that stupid!! HOW!!!!

Me: My name is Stephanie
Co worker on the phone: Jennifer?
Co Worker: Bethany?
Me: What can I do for you today [JERK FACE!]
Co Worker: Well Jennifer..I have this customer here that wants a supervisor cause She feels she should be able to take out more than one loan. [WTF!]
Me: Well Patch them through I will help them out.
Co Worker: Thank you Tiffany. [BITE ME BITCH!]
Co Worker: Hello Ms. Customer I have Jessica on the line. [If you are in my building I am going to kick your ass for messing up my name this many times.]

Me: Hello Ms Customer! Again my name is Stephanie. I understand you wanted to take out another loan and there wasn’t one available at this time?

Customer: Hello Stephanie! Yes I was told I could never take out another one from the other rep.

Me: *THUD* Err well let me look here. [See she has one more payment and that is posting on Monday and she can take out another loan] Well I see you can take out one next week after this last payment has posted on Monday!

Customer: Wow! Stephanie that was quick! I was with the other girl for over 15 mins!

Me: [I wish I could tell this customer that person will no longer be alive after this ..]


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Mar. 4th, 2004 06:09 pm (UTC)
oh wow
so share how that makes you feel? hehehehe what's your name again? :P
Mar. 4th, 2004 06:59 pm (UTC)
Re: oh wow
Neal you Punk.... =P
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