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My Dream last night..

I was dreaming I was in the room with boxes again. Some of you know what the room of boxes are some of you don’t so let me explain a little about this before I continue.

Once in a while I have a reoccurring dream about a room that is endless with boxes every where none of are the same each representing a person’s soul. You can open this box and see in to it and see the souls past lives, present and future. But when a person dies the box disappears and moved to a different area.

There is this guy like looks like an janitor that kind of looks like my physics Teacher in High school who looks like Obi one.

Okay so now that you know that part to the dream last night. I was in the room again and I looked around and somehow I managed to find my box opened I was a little surprised by this and walked towards it wondering why it was open cause I understood the boxes needed to stay shut. I some how got sucked into the box it self and saw a row of doors all different styles. I walked in one that was made of Marble and found myself in robes and bare foot on grass. Then I walked through another door and found myself walking on sand with feet covered in leather. At this point I walked through the other and two swords in hand and saw some guy coming after me and I just held my sword in front of me and he ran into it [Way to go Dip shit!]

So then after that I walked through another door and saw myself in a small western settlement kind of reminded me of Arizona and I looked down to see I had shot gun in hand. Well that is all I can remember but I thought it was kind of cool ^_^


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Mar. 12th, 2004 10:59 pm (UTC)
glowing green box perchance? ;)
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