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4 wines and 7 Courses Ago…

My Man took me to the French room for a date, and from all the decadence of the delights brought to our table I know now what I missed in Italy so long ago. Food created by masters and wines from Luxemburg through France. I can say I was spoiled.

Phoenix nuzzled down on my back like she always does when I go the bed then in the middle of the night curled against my body purring the rest of the night. It was a soothing feeling and she seemed to be telling me in her own special way it will be alright.

I told my mom the news about Mothers day and she really understood and then I told her about my cat and I could hear her cry in the back ground. I guess Phoenix touched a few of us more than once. I know when I got home and saw my man I walked past him to the bedroom to see Phoenix and I started to cry. Goth man held me and tried to calm me down and asked if we should go out. I told him I needed to get out for the night.

I thank everyone who sent their support on the announcement yesterday. I am going to talk to the vet some more see what option I have next week. Most likely she will be put to sleep, but I need to know if that is too extreme at this point. I have had over 30 cats in my life time this is the first one I had that had FIP.


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May. 7th, 2004 11:23 am (UTC)
We're all in this together
When something is effecting one of us, it effects all of us. If there is any thing I can do (From so far away) just let me know. My thoughts are with you in the weeks ahead.
May. 19th, 2004 06:40 pm (UTC)
*hugs for you and your kitty*

I really hope I get to meet your kitty this summer.
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