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Yesterday for me was alright.


I didn’t have any real issues to speak of. I honestly feel better emotionally and physically. I still don’t like the meds I am on I feel rather odd, but I have 4 more weeks of this crap and then I am off it for the rest of my life. Well that is the plan that is.


I desire … Laser tag, I desire to kick people’s arses and show them who Stepherzilla is!


I desire …. Beating people up with padded swords.. Get some action


I desire .. Sipping wine in a café sitting out side at night time with friends.


I dream of making love in the rain inside a forest glen.


I dream of sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon again as the sunsets and you feel the winds blow by.


I dream of talking to a dragon and getting my answer to my secret question.


I hope to live a very long and fruitful life


I hope to continue my art until I die


I hope to keep growing with knowledge





I don’t know if this had to do with the fact I was freezing most of the night but I thought it was interesting enough share.


It was autumn time in my dream, I could tell cause the leaves were an array of colors. The air was cold and cut deep into the bones almost. I guess you could say winter was just sending their calling card ahead of time. I was just standing there looking at the trees and enjoying the view when I sort felt this need to turn around. I saw the sun nuzzling down for the evening and splashing last of it’s light on the leaves on the trees causing a visual over load of warm colors. I felt close to the answer of that unknown question for a moment and I lost it again when felt the dampness of the cold air taunting me.


“Did you find you answer yet?”


I turned around to see some guy standing there in long coat, hands tucked in the pockets. I really couldn’t see the face but just knew this was a friend. I only shrugged and walked up to them giving them a small smile.


“Not really, but I did get the sense of hope.” That is all I said as we started to walk on a dir pathway in the dark.


“Hope is a good thing.”


I only nodded at that point and realized something I looked at the coat again carefully and realized that well, this was not my time period but something roughly around 1760’s or something like that.


I just stopped and looked confused for a moment and realize that maybe this is just a dream, that is when I woke up an annoying alarm clock at 3:45 AM lol


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Jul. 8th, 2004 08:55 am (UTC)
Me too...
On the wine, the making love in a forest, and also on the Grand Canyon.

Good luck with what you Dream, Hope, and most importantly...BE!


-M (who hopes to see you at social stuff this weekend)
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