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Old dreams.... red ..black .. rain

I realize now I am cursed to have a messed up schedule today at work.

I also realize I miss working out. [thanks for reminding me Redwing]

I find myself very unattractive at this point of my life. [Odd thing really]

Any ways I had an old dream last night, one that really no one knows about but Creektoad and I don’t know if he would remember this either.

I was in a forest and having sex, making love, what have you .. during a storm. I just remember the guy was wearing red and lack. Funny part that is the reason I have a strong fascination with doing that heh. Odd eh? I guess cause I was thinking about the idea as an desire yesterday it reflected back as an old dream.

I just wonder what it really means..


Jul. 14th, 2004 02:48 pm (UTC)
I think it means that you need to get a rain slicker, and some hiking boots..... ;>