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FY Char information

Nakago, The Manipulative General
Tamahome's foe for almost the entire story, Nakago is a cunning and icy opponent, using the people around him like chesspieces to do his dirty work. He lets his actions speak for him, rarely letting his look of total confidence show other emotions. His telekinesis is quite powerful, but not as impressive as his icy nature. The symbol "Heart" is located on his forehead.
· Reading: Hsin - The Heart
· Element: Moon
· Animal: The Fox
Tomo, The Cackling Illusionist
He has a laugh that could rival even that of the Devil himself, his job as puppetteer for the Seiryuu an amusing one to him. Rumors abound about him, but his devious nature is obvious. He uses a shell to blur the facts around his victims, the illusions too convincing. His outfit is believed to be that used in operas in the region, the make-up perhaps being a mask of his true self? His symbol is "Root", found on his lower torso.
· Reading: Ti - The Bottom
· Element: Earth
· Animal: The Badger
Soi, The Electric Temptress
The lone woman in the Seiryuu's seishi line-up, Soi has impressive talents as a swordswoman and a conveyor of many powers involving weather and water. Her role is more as a secret lover to Nakago, curing him with sexual techniques, although the love she displays is not equivalent in return. She has the character for "Tassle" on her thigh.
· Reading: Fang - The Room
· Element: Sun
Animal: The Hare Tasuki, The Brash-Mouthed Bandit
Somebody get the soap! The former leader of a mountain pack of bandits, "Gen-chan", as his friend Kouji calls him, is skilled at using written talismen to create what the papers say. He's also seen whipping around a metal "tessen" fan that can produce fire. Among his hates are water and women, although he doesn't seem to mind Miaka that much. He's definitely the loudest and most potty-mouthed of the bunch, but is a strong fighter. His mark is "Wing", located on his wrist.
· Reading: I - The Wing
· Element: Fire
Animal: The Snake