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It’s one of those days where I really want to be sitting down and reading than working.

V_V – sigh
I feel rather restless


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Sep. 21st, 2004 06:42 am (UTC)
It's our day.

*goes back to bed*
Sep. 21st, 2004 07:40 am (UTC)
Is it ever... :snuggles down under the blankets:
Sep. 21st, 2004 09:12 am (UTC)
:: sneaks here a pheonix stuffed animal to snuggle with and sneaks back out to let her sleep.:: Hmm you don't see too many red headed angels anymore.
Sep. 21st, 2004 10:01 am (UTC)
BAH.. not a red angel .. I am a god damn Fury bent out to be a servent to vengeance
Sep. 21st, 2004 10:07 am (UTC)
Does it clean house?
Sep. 21st, 2004 11:08 am (UTC)
I can barely clean my own.. 0.o; hence the reason Greg gets on my case
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