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Itttttt'sssss HUMP DAY!!!! YAY HUMP DAY

Which Eddie Izzard "Dressed to Kill" line are you? by Saphyne
Eddie Izzard quote:"'Jesus died for your sins.' 'Yeah, I know, it’s great!' 'No, no no, it’s bad, it’s bad!' 'No, it’s bad! It’s very bad. It’s terrible! Whatever you want, I mean – just keep giving me these eggs.'"
Quiz created with MemeGen!

So I am back at work and working until 8 again tonight so I can make some extra money.
I am a little disorganized in thoughts right now cause of all the strange sleeping habits I have been facing lately.

I started to think about things lately and reflecting back on a few things and wondering what the hell is going on. I am starting to feel like a prisoner trapped in frustration. And there really isn’t any reason so I am thinking it’s getting close to the god damn visit. Grrrrrr…

And if you need to ask about the visit, you really don’t need to know then.

Any ways.. I am happy I have lost 7 lbs already and working more strategies on foods that are better for me and recipes to help cut down on the fats. I might have to cut junk food out completely in the house for awhile. So every one is suffering errrr I mean doing the healthy junk with me
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