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I am right now going into my 1 hour of Over time for the week.. :blank look: Yay..

Any ways, running a fever all day no biggie I feel fine just figure it’s my Metabolism on over drive from the work out this weekend, meaning I will need to keep to up with this work out to see if I can burn the extra inches and replace with muscle.

Next set of goals besides working out
• is to get some graphic programs running on the computer.
• Work on xmas List
• Start putting people in their place when it comes to me and arrogance. You want to get in a pissing contest with me? Get ready for hell. I am not here to brag I am hear to share the only time I will brag is if I want to egg people into a fighting mood so I have some competition games or I like to ruffles feathers nothing wrong with it cause most people I do this too know me. Impressing me isn’t getting your to first base with me. It’s only getting a door in your face. Besides I have one high maintenance relationship I am happy with.
• Get the rest of October Babies taken care of. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! BLASTED OCTOBER BABIES! Grrrrrrr.. Luv yah
• Take another stab at writing something.
• Take a stab at making my costume. >.> don’t laugh.
• Need to prove a certain someone wrong :insert evil laugh:
• Pray to the almighty gods of Iron to sap me some this week.


(Deleted comment)
Sep. 28th, 2004 07:23 am (UTC)
Re: Ahem...
Yeah I know.. but there are soooo many of us.. that was some New yers party..