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Omg.... I still have a body

First off I wanted to say Happy Birthday to deathtoall  and aquila_dominus . Sorry I didn’t get to wish it on your birthday =/



Secondly Man I told you guys I was busy and was I ever.



·          Woke up dragged snow_lynx  with me for the heart walk. Ran in to katjabee  while there and we all walked together and did fun things. Then went to Bath Junkie then to Chipotle.

·          Got home took a 2 hour nap got up and went to the movies to see Shaun of the Dead. I thought it was rather entertaining for a cheesy movie, but I would have rather went during a cheaper hours or something.

·          Then went to dinner with gothman and met up with Mr. P and gothman’s mom had sushi.




·          Went over to moms and helped her clean up a little bit. Watched Calendar girls which I thought was charming.

·          Had lunch there after words

·          Drove home.

·          Went to trotfox ’s little gathering and got plastered on Hurricans.

·          Fell over more times than I remember.

·          Passed out on the bed cause that is the rule PG always passes out about 9ish.

·          Woke up this morning not with a hangover, but with bruises. =/


Okay I hurt now.. and guess what? I am working 7:30 to 7 today. Yeah I think my body is going to hate me today. Heh..