Twilight Fenix (twilightfenix) wrote,
Twilight Fenix

Two things..



Reminder to people who read my LJ, you are being warned now and forever more.

1) When you read my LJ you are making a risk.

2) If you get offended on my comments in MY LJ then that is your issue no mine cause I warned you.

3) I welcome comments all the time. If they are offensive I have the right to delete them cause I am a bitch like that.

4) When someone adds me to their Friends list. I will not add you unless I already know you. So please introduce your self to me either through e mail or on comments I am more than willing to add you.

5) Don’t expect me to read everything you post. I have a lot pf people I read and sometime if it’s political or something I have no clue what the hell you are talking about I will not read it. Besides I like conversations in person.

6) If you want to have sex with my boyfriend.. TOO F@#$%ing bad..If you want Sex with me TOO F@#$%ing bad. If you want to worship us GREAT! [This is supposed to be funny.]




I was talking to snow_lynx  on how I just don’t feel very strong in magic any more. Like sandmansister  said one time “Girl you are under the radar.”


I just felt like anything said or did I offended everyone.. and I am mean everyone. I would get glares, sighs or facial expressions that show their distaste in my actions.

Also I felt like I was being drained completely of everything I giving out to people and not getting anything back for support when I needed it. Well that is how I felt for a long time. I am still trying to rebuild my steps back up on the stairs so I can open that door.

Some days I feel like I am being heard other days I have people talking over me or taking center stage when I needed to talk about anything cause I was going mad. And sure people have opened their doors for me to talk to them.


But let be honest here as much as I trust a lot of people there is only a hand full I trust enough that would understand me or I feel I can communicate with out getting mad or frustrated.


Well this year I have found my nirvana, my zen that part of me that I have been trying find since I was broken the first time.


I choose to have a voice, no matter how much someone tries to walk over me I have my voice.


No matter if someone tries to force something on me I have a choice. No matter what I have a choice to allow things to happen to me.

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